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The Tutukaka Surf Team's wetsuit brand of choice, Xcel is renowned for Durability, Superior Flexibility and Advanced technology.

Xcel maintains industry leading standards of technology, so you can always be assured your Xcel wetsuit is top of the line.

Use the features guide below when shopping for your new Xcel suit.

Materials and Linings

  • TDC Thermo Dry Celliant - Fast drying, lightweight, and naturally hydrophobic, TDC is our warmest wetsuit lining ever, and an Xcel exclusive found nowhere else in the market. TDC's clinically proven Smart Fiber Technology converts your body heat into infrared energy for maximum warmth, increased endurance, faster recovery, and enhanced overall athletic performance.
  • Ventiprene Breathable Neoprene - An Xcel exclusive, this one-of-a-kind breathable neoprene delivers excellent ventilation and elemental protection, with built-in water and wind resistance.
  • V FoamThe most lightweight, premium foam available; significantly lighter, stretchier, and softer than standard foams.
  • Quick Dry Lining - Fast drying, lightweight, and naturally hydrophobic, this premium inner lining has an accelerated drying time to improve warmth and overall performance; Quick Dry Lining is also made from recycled polyester fibers for an earth-friendlier final product.
  • Ultra stretch Neoprene - Comfortable, lightweight neoprene with softer foam and a tighter weave textile for less water absorption, better durability, and maximum stretch.
  • Texture Skin -Texture embossed rubber that provides excellent wind resistance; ideal for outer chest panels hoods, and other areas that would otherwise lose warmth quickly.
  • Smart Fiber 4-Way Stretch - Our most advanced rashguard material that combines Celliant's clinically-proven Smart Fiber Technology with all the benefits of our premium 6-ounce, 4-way stretch. Mineral-enhanced smart fibers recycle your body heat into infrared energy for multiple benefits, including better circulation, core temperature regulation, and increased tissue oxygen, enhancing endurance and speeding recovery.


  • Fusion Weld Stitch Free seams - The most durable, stitch-free, maximum all-way stretch seam construction; glued seams are heat fused together with a strong, lightweight outer composite and finished with inner taping for a fully leakproof seal that keeps in maximum warmth.
  • Thermo Dry Seam Tape - This all-way stretch, lightweight, durable interior seam tape creates an even better seal that keeps warmth in and water out. The tape is either infrared patterned (products with TDC) or yellow (non-TDC products).
  • Drylock Wrist Seals - An Xcel exclusive, this seamless, engineered "donut seal" construction keeps more water out, minimizes flushing, and forms a snug, comfortable seal.
  • Drylock Ankle Seals - An Xcel exclusive, this seamless, engineered "donut seal" construction keeps more water out, minimizes flushing, and forms a snug, comfortable seal and a better fit with your wetsuit.
  • Inner NexSkin  Seals - A thin band of liquid neoprene ("NexSkin") in the inner wrists and/or ankles forms an excellent seal and helps minimize flushing.
  • Smoothskin and/or Glideskin wrist and/or ankle seals - 'Rolled' Hems keeps wrist/ankle in place and prevents water entry
  • S-Seal - Durable, flexible outer seam composite for an even better seal.
  • Glued & Blindstitched Seams - A fully sealed, maximum stretch seam construction. Neoprene panels are glued and pressed together, then blindstitched (needle doesn't fully penetrate neoprene, keeping more water out).


  • Back Knee Flex grooves - Behind the knee cutouts for maximum flexibility
  • High Performance comp design - Engineered large, seamless body panel maximizes core range of motion.
  • Duraflex Knee panels - Comfortable, durable knee panels that stretch with you.
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        Xcel Infiniti 3/2 X2 TDC Fullsuit


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