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Drawn from a lifetime chasing long period swells, Salt Gypsy® is a women's surf lifestyle company that celebrates female surf athleticism, diversity and style in the lineup. Beginning life as the personal blog of founder, Danielle Clayton, while working as a surf guide in the Maldives, the Salt Gypsy team focus on developing stylish & sustainable products for discerning women of the sea.
With three surfboard models and an all-round SUP, the Salt Gypsy women's range is designed for the everyday female surfer looking to expand their quiver, develop their surf style and ultimately, have fun in the lineup. With a twin fin, hybrid mid-length and single fin log in the mix, the versatility of these boards lend themselves to a variety of beach & reef breaks and fun small to medium sized wave conditions.
  • Salt Gypsy Dusty Retro Longboard QUICK VIEW Salt Gypsy Dusty Retro Longboard $1,195.00

    Salt Gypsy Dusty Retro Longboard


    Imagine riding in an old Cadillac… You know how the old classic cars just seem to glide and almost float along the road? Well, that’s exactly the feel on offer...
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  • Salt Gypsy Mid-Tide QUICK VIEW Salt Gypsy Mid-Tide $995.00

    Salt Gypsy Mid-Tide


      The versatility of the Mid Tide shouldn’t be underestimated. This all day, every day surfboard is not intimidating in any way, and has a reliability to it that’ll see...
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  • Salt Gypsy Shorebird QUICK VIEW Salt Gypsy Shorebird $795.00

    Salt Gypsy Shorebird


    In the true essence of the twin fin, the Shorebird will feel fast, loose and have lots of forward drive. The twin fin surfboard is a great option for the...
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