Surfers Skin

Surfers Skin

Surfers Skin – high performance sunscreen from New Zealand

Developed for surfers who spend a lot of time in and around the water and who would like to enjoy their surf without fearing the harmful rays of the sun, Surfers Skin's water-resistant, non-greasy and sweat-resistant formula doesn't give you sticky hands and avoids running into your eyes. Surfer Skin even takes care of the after-sun exposure skin-care with its nourishing Aloe Vera and UMF 18 Manuka Honey ingredients. You are not convinced yet? Well then hear out the rest: Surfers Skin is paraben, paba and nanoparticle free! 
Who does not know this situation, you get to the beach and you've finally made it into the water after dragging all your stuff down to the sand, spending ages to get sunscreen all over your body and then... well, you can almost see how your sunscreen starts running off your skin or gets into your eyes and instead of enjoying the sea, you end up with eyes full of tears. And that's when we would like you to introduce you to Surfers Skin. This amazing, in New Zealand developed sunscreen which has so many great features: it will simply rock your world!

Surfers Skin Sunscreen – what makes it so special?

Surfers Skin sunscreen is water-resistant and has been developed by surfers for surfers, now you are thinking... hold on, when I go down to the beach, I usually don't surf: but hey... once we are at the beach sunbathing, reading, building sand castles and in the water chasing waves, we all turn into extreme-sports persons like Kelly Slater, don't we? It doesn't matter how active you actually get at the beach, the sun will be there anyways and make you sweat like a pro-surfer. 

Be smart, protect your skin and keep a healthy attitude towards the sun. Surfers Skin sunscreen is a great partner to enjoy and live the dream at the beach without taking any... unnecessary risks.

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