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SurfEars 2.0 – The new and improved

If you can’t hear, but you can read this. Then it might be time you invested in some SurfEars 2.0 - the new and improved ear plugs for surfing. These cleverly designed ear plugs that keep water out and let sound in. That’s right!! How exactly you ask? SurfEars 2.0 - ear plugs for surfing were designed and engineered in the cold waters of Sweden. With it’s very fine mesh allows sound to pass through yet keep water out. To help combat surfers ear which effects most surfers in their life time in New Zealand from the Cape to the Bluff. SurfEars - ear plugs for surfing helps prevent Swimmers Ear caused by cold air on the ear canal. This can cause inflammation and abnormal bone growth, which eventually results in the surfer going deaf. Unless he or she gets surgery, which can really hurt not only your head but also your wallet. 
SurfEars - ear plugs for surfing are that good, you’ll forget you even have them in, you will probably find your self checking your ears after every wipeout for the first few surfs with them. But gone will be the days of shoving blue tack in your ears, Not only does this put your balance off, but also you can’t hear if your dropping in on some angry local coming down the line at pace.

SurfEars - ear plugs for surfing - handy in so many ways

SurfEars - ear plugs for surfing come with three different sizes and two different sized fixation wings and a handy little carry case. 2.0 comes with a leash so you don't have to worry about losing them and a handy little carry case easily attached to your keys. The Secret to SurfEars design lies in the fixation wings, by fitting them correctly to the top part of your ear. This allows the surfer to take some heavy wipeouts. Either you’re being whipped into a bomb set wave or having a fun little session at your local. Once you start wearing SurfEars 2.0 - ear plugs for surfing you won’t want to be without them ever again, So put that blu tac back in the pack, hang some surf pic’s up and invest in a pair of SurfEars 2.0 - ear plugs for surfing while you can still hear your mates call you to tell you the surfs pumping. 

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