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  • Surf Ears 2.0 QUICK VIEW Surf Ears 2.0 $79.90

    Surf Ears 2.0


      SurfEars 2.0 – The new and improved If you can’t hear, but you can read this. Then it might be time you invested in some SurfEars 2.0 - the new...
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  • Sexwax Air Freshner QUICK VIEW Sexwax Air Freshner from $9.00

    Sexwax Air Freshner


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  • Ocean & Earth SUP 10'2 QUICK VIEW Ocean & Earth SUP 10'2 $1,495.00

    Ocean & Earth SUP 10'2


    Offering a COMBO DEAL.  - Save on the board and paddle, when purchased together. A great all rounder SUP, perfect for flat water, and able to be used for surf too!...
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  • Mens Syncro Plus 3/2 CZ LFS Steamer QUICK VIEW Mens Syncro Plus 3/2 CZ LFS Steamer $418.99

    Mens Syncro Plus 3/2 CZ LFS Steamer


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  • Athena Kimono QUICK VIEW Athena Kimono $108.00 $45.00 SALE

    Athena Kimono

    $45.00 $108.00

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  • Hilbilby Fire Tonic QUICK VIEW Hilbilby Fire Tonic $25.00

    Hilbilby Fire Tonic


    BEAT THE WINTER BLUES Hilbilby Fire Tonic is an amazing pick-me-up and immune booster for the cold and flu season. Have AS a shot, tea, diluted in cold water or...
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  • Quiksilver LS Mens Heater RashGuard QUICK VIEW Quiksilver LS Mens Heater RashGuard $74.00

    Quiksilver LS Mens Heater RashGuard


    Mens Heater Rash Guard by Quiksilver A step-up from your standard rash guard, the 'heater' features a fleece polypropelene inner lining. Adding tonnes of extra warmth, the heater is essential...
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  • O&E Mens Hooded Poncho QUICK VIEW O&E Mens Hooded Poncho $89.00

    O&E Mens Hooded Poncho


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  • Silver Surfers Jacket QUICK VIEW Silver Surfers Jacket $166.00

    Silver Surfers Jacket


    Silver Surfers jackets are a must have for winter on the coast!  Wool jacket with a middle wave or korus  jacket. Fleece lined, hand knitted in Nepal from New Zealand...
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