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SmoothStar skateboards - Making Surfers Better 

Tutukaka Surf is now stocked with a full range of SmoothStar Boards!!!

These boards are especially designed with surfers in mind. Attached to the front truck is the secret weapon, the thruster mechanism. This is a spring loaded adjustable device which allows the surfer to drive the board along without pushing with his or her foot and enables the rider to self pivot and practice moves, which they can then take into the waves. skateboards are used by top surf coaches in a lot of surf schools around New Zealand & Australia. Student’s benefit hugely as the skateboards emulates surfing so closely. They can take the new skills they learnt on land into the water, hence the name 'Skateboards for s'Surfers' or 'Surf Trainers'. SmoothStar skateboards have a rich history with High Profile surfers such as World Surf League surfer and Fiji Pro 2015 Champion Owen wright. WSL Female surfers Tyler Wright and even Sally Fitzgibbons, have all used SmoothStar skateboards to help improve their surfing. Even Kiwi ripper Kehu Butler uses SmoothStar skateboards to cross train on. With land based training either in a car park or at the skate park. SmoothStar skateboards caters for all ages, weights and types of surfers. If you’re on the latest high performance short board or prefer to cruise on a Long board. 

SmoothStar skateboards have you covered

The smallest model the Barracuda is 30inch’s long and is perfect for the little grommets looking to push their surfing to the next level. If you’re looking for more performance then you can’t go past the 32inch Flying Fish, by far the most popular model out of the Barracuda range. Tone of the most popular models to be released to the range is the 33inch Holy Toledo; this little firecracker hit the shops in late 2014 and sold out in Australia & New Zealand in a matter of months. Endorsed by Pro surfer & current WSL tour surfer Filipe Toledo. It can only do one thing for your surfing and that’s improve your all round performance. 



For the girl surfers, Johanne Defay

So what are you waiting for, come to our shop, get your Smoothstar skateboards and start ripping up those empty swimming pools, streets & drive ways now.     

Tutukaka Surf is just waiting on the next shipment of Smooth Star Boards. Call us now to see what's coming in and secure yours now!!

  • 30 inch Barracuda SmoothStar QUICK VIEW 30 inch Barracuda SmoothStar $399.00

    30 inch Barracuda SmoothStar


    30 inch smoothstar for little grommets. recommended age 6yrs-11yrs
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